Press statement Oseltamivir treatment does reduce severity and duration of influenza infection.
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Multiparty Group for Advice on Science meetings aim to enhance public health security by addressing unsolved scientific issues that hamper public health guidance. The effectiveness of antiviral drugs for influenza has been such a scientific issue for many years, and in early 2013 four leading academics have engaged in a partnership to review and analyse oseltamivir data. They organized the first analysis meeting on 18 June 2013, inviting various stakeholders to share their expertise and insights. The participants identified data gaps and developed an agreed analysis plan. In the course of 2014, a meta-analysis of the RCT data of treatment with oseltamivir has been carried out. The project’s results have been presented during a satellite symposium at the Fifth ESWI Influenza Conference in September 2014 and they have been published in The Lancet in January 2015.¬†This initiative has proven an urgently needed scientific inquiry, emphasizing the importance of the scientific endeavour, which has brought so many benefits to mankind.

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